Proteolytic Events >>

CutDB contains curated proteolytic events from literature.


Find recent literature, sequence, domains, and structure on proteases.

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Substrates >>

Proteolytic events mapped onto substrate sequence, domains, and other protein features.

Networks and Pathways >>

Proteolytic networks reconstruction and modeling, links between proteolysis and cellular signaling pathways.

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Substrate Predictions >>

Substrate recognition specificity derived from substrate phage display.

Toolkit >>

  • Active Site Recognition Search for active sites of different classes of proteases within the 3D structure.
  • Predict Disorder in Proteins Use five different algorithms to create consensus prediction of intrinsically disordered regions in proteins (based on FASTA file(s)).
  • Substrate and Cleavage Site Prediction Build protease specificity models (Position Weight Matrix) from phage display or peptide libraries and predict cut sites in individual proteins, or even the entire proteome.
  • Proteolytic Dissociation Determine the likelihood that a protein will dissociate into two polypeptides following proteolytic cleavage at a specific site within the 3D structure.

Citing PMAP: Igarashi Y, et al., PMAP: databases for analyzing proteolytic events and pathways. Nucleic Acids Res. 2009, Vol. 37, D611-D618